Dear visitor,

we’re happy that you decided to visit our park – welcome to IRRLANDIA in Storkow (Mark) / Neu Boston

In order for all visitors to be happy and safe, please adhere to the following guidlines during your stay with us.

  • IRRLANDIA was created thanks to the help of many organisations, artists, handymen and first and foremost our interested volunteers. Our main goal is to inspire our guest to play, try everything out and enjoy the time with your family and friends. You create your own fun at the park! 
  • Children under 12 years of age are only allowed in the park accompanied by an adult.
  • Most games and attraction a self-explanatory. If necessary, we have placed additional information regarding safe usage. Please follow those instructions!
  • We are not liable for any damage occuring to you or your family because of your own or other visitors’ behavior. Our responsibility ends with guaranteeing safety and functionality of our attractions.
  • The attractions, games, installations and all areas are meant for all visitors, especially for children. Please use them in a way that visitors after you can also enjoy them. Additionally, please don’t hog the attractions and let others wait too long for their turn.
  • Please explain to your kids (and if necessary even other children) that plants should not be pulled out, everything played with put back into its place and that there shouldn’t be any climbing on attractions not meant for it. Lead by example!
  • Our Murmellaborium and the Murmeldiphonium are very delicate setups. Please watch that only marbles are used that you aquired at the entrance. Marbles of different sizes, stones or other items may damage the mechanism or clog the marble-paths and repairs will take a while, making the attractions unusable for your and other visitors.
  • We love animals, but please understand that in the interest of the playing children in the park, we cannot allow dogs inside – no matter what breed, size or age.
  • We ask all smokers to please not give into their passion on the grass areas and the labyrinth. Smokins is allowed on designated smoking islands and around the restaurant areas Sonnenhof, Waffeloase or Kletterpause. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the ashtrays.
  • Just like you we would like to keep our ticket prices as low as possible. That’s why we decided to do without professional garbage disposal and do not provide garbage bins. Therefor please take all packaging and trash that you bring into the park back home with you.
    Packaging, plastic plates and cuttlery that you received when purchasing food and drinks at the park can be disposed of in the garbage bins right next to each restaurant and snack bar.
  • Should you or your kid accidentally damage something, please let us know so we can fix it quickly. This can best be done at the ticket booth at the park entrance.
  • You are of course allowed to take pictures and videos for your family and friends in our park. Publications in any type of media however require our permission. Any kind of commercial usage is strictly forbidden.
  • During your stay at the park you are free to use the designated parking lot. Please keep in mind that the parking lot will close 1h after the park closes at the latest. Bikes should also be parked outside and not be taken inside the park.

Enjoy playing and have lots of fun!