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Can I take my dog with me?
Is the park wheelchair accessible?
Do I have to pay extra for any of the attraction at the park?

Almost all of the attractions are included in the ticket price. Not included are the following:

  • Viking Swing – 1 Euro (or a free-ride ticket)
  • Roundabout for kids – 1 Euro (or a free-ride ticket)
  • Trampolin – 1 Euro (or a free-ride ticket)
  • Waterbomb-Slingshots – 10 baloons for 1 Euro (you may not bring your own waterballoons)
  • Marbles for the Murmellaborium – 20 for 1 Euro (you can bring your own marbles up to 16 mm diameter)
  • Snackbars and Restaurants (separate companies)

Every kid of 3 years or older will receive a free-ride ticket with their entry ticket which is valid for any of the following: Trampoline, Vikingswing and Roundabout

Please follow the age restrictions and safety information for each attraction.

Why are there so few garbage bins availabe in the park?
Is smoking permitted in the park?