Ponyrides inside the park  on the trail around the corn maze are being offered on weekends  from 11 to 4pm – they are also available on weekdays during the holidays.

Outside the holidays please contact us for weekday rides by telephone beforehand 015118305073.

This offer is not included in the ticket price to the park!

1 ride around the corn maze 5,-€      ( at walk, pony being lead by mom, dad, grandpa or grandma.)

Starting October 4th the ponies will be on their well deserved winter holidays.

Little ponyfans can gladly get in touch (together with their parents) if they are looking for a pony to ride and groom over the off-season : 015118305073.

Responsible for this attraction:
Angela Schmidt, askonzept, 15859 Storkow,  Parkstrasse 5, Tel: 015118305073

Cooperation with Reitbetrieb Hoffmann, www.reitbetrieb-hoffmann.de
Tel: 01724360188   Pferdewirt Steven Hoffmann, Ausbildung, Beritt, Pferdetransporte

We highly recommend Pia Ebner our dedicated ferrier for the ponies’ hooves.
Tel: 01776027029

Dear guests,

Horses are flight-animals and we don’t want to risk any accidents, therefor please stick to the following rules for your kids’ and the ponies’ safety:

Riding or even just sitting on the pony is only allowed when wearing a riding helmet (those are available in different sizes)

No free-riding! Do NOT feed the ponies!

Kein Freireiten! Bitte nicht Füttern!

Please wear shoes around the ponies.  Even a small pony stepping on your bare toes will hurt.

Please stick to the given weight- and speedlimits for the ponies. A couple of our ponies suffer from chronic laminits and are therefor not allowed to carry too much weight. They love and need the excercise but in moderate levels.

Ponies are being picked based on age, experience and weight of the children. Please do not change ponies without asking.

The ponies are wearing muzzles. No, those aren’t pretty but necessary in order to keep the ponies healthy. Too much food or the wrong treats can make them very sick. Just like a diabetic our laminitic ponies are on a strict diet. Therefor please only feed them as instructed by us.